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Wow! You'll say it too!! Gunzilla™ BC-10 is a patent pending gun cleaning formula which was developed for the military, made from natural based products.

Gunzilla™ can be used on everything from small handguns to 16” wide cannons. Gunzilla™ is a one step cleaner designed to clean, lubricate, and protect, all in one formula.

Gunzilla™ removes rust, lead, copper, plastic, carbon and even cleans corrosive ammo. It performs this quickly with a natural-base chemical which is faster, more effective, and safer than water based formulas or petroleum based solvents.

Gunzilla™ can be used on all smokeless and black powder guns, and eliminates the need to use soap and water when cleaning black powder guns. It also eliminates oiling after cleaning. IT'S THAT GOOD!! To read more, click on the photo. You'll be very glad you did!


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How To Apply Gunzilla;

Gunzilla can be applied with a patch, brush or spray. In heavily fouled bores a brush and/or cleaning jag of the appropriate caliber is recommended. After applying Gunzilla run a dry patch to remove the fouling. Repeat until the dry patches are removed with no fouling on the patches. In a dry dusty environment we recommend using some additional dry patches to be sure the weapon is wiped dry. The dry coating left behind will provide lubrication and protection. If extra lubrication is required on moving parts use a lightly moistened patch with Gunzilla and run over the area or place some drops of Gunzilla where you would normally use gun oil or other lubricants.



Heavy Carbon and Plastic Fouling;

For heavy carbon and plastic buildup such as the M-16 bolt area, shotgun choke tubes or cleaning corrosive ammo, we recommend applying a generous coating of Gunzilla and let it sit for 20 minutes and then remove. If some carbon or plastic is still present then repeat the application process. The first cleaning with Gunzilla will always be the slowest. But once Gunzilla is coating the gun future fouling will be reduced and it will be easier for Gunzilla to break the carbon apart and separate the carbon and plastic fouling from the gun.



Cleaning Wood, Plastic Parts or Special Finishes;

Gunzilla is safe to use on the polymers in the frames of Glock handguns. Prior to applying Gunzilla on any special gun finish test a small area to see if the coating is affected. Gunzilla is safe on Parkerized, blued and most wood finishes but it will remove natural rust finishes found on older muzzle loaders. It is important when using Gunzilla to clean wood or plastic gun parts to wipe Gunzilla completely dry after cleaning. However Gunzilla can be left liquid on the polymer frames found in Glock handguns



Removing Rust;

If the rust has been on the gun for less than a month Gunzilla will remove it quickly. If the rust has been on the weapon longer than a month Gunzilla will require several coats and the area must be agitated with a plastic brush or a cleaning object that will not scratch the finish of the weapon. Allowing Gunzilla to sit several days between scrubbing cycles will help remove heavy rust. The longer the rust has been on the weapon the longer it will take for Gunzilla to remove the rust.



Wet Environment, Salt Water & Long Term Storage;

In a wet or moist environment we recommend leaving a light moist coating on all the metal parts of the gun and a heavy coating on the action parts. A light moist coating is also recommended for a weapon being prepared for long term storage.



Cleaning Black Powder;

Gunzilla eliminates using water for cleaning and oiling for lubrication and protection. Clean the gun with Gunzilla per the directions above and while it is cleaning, it will also neutralize the corrosive salts. When the gun is clean, Gunzilla will automatically leave a coating for lubrication and protection.



Corrosive Ammo;

Let Gunzilla sit for 20 minutes and then remove. With some corrosive primers the effectiveness of Gunzilla can be increased by running a patch soaked in water over the parts first. Then clean with Gunzilla.



Arctic & Extreme Cold Weather Operations;

Gunzilla Does Not Freeze! Below 28 degrees as a light grease Gunzilla is easy to apply with a finger exactly where it is desired. Normal cleaning and lubrication operations will not be effected by the cold temperature. Coat the action parts until slick, work the action back and forth, and apply more as desired. If the weapon is stored in warm temperature and then taken into a very cold temperature we recommend a thin moist coating on all moving parts.



Desert & Dry Environment;

Gunzilla’s effectiveness in the desert has saved lives. Clean all parts as usual, however, with a clean rag, wipe each piece as dry as possible. The dry coating which remains will protect against the sand, dust and carbon buildup. Bolts and bolt rails may need a second application to ensure lubrication. Machinegun bolts and rails should also be wiped dry but with some Gunzilla applied slightly damp before patrolling. While patrolling, a soft bristled paint brush will easily remove dust and sand from around the action.



Copper and Lead;

In many weapons Gunzilla will remove the heaviest copper and lead fouling quickly, but in some weapons it may have to sit moist on the weapon overnight. Gunzilla doesn’t evaporate so a thin coating will be sufficient. Gunzilla removes metal fouling by getting between the metal fouling and the barrel and lifting it out. It can be left in any metal barrel for an extended period of time without harming the barrel. Using a metal or nylon brush will help remove the most difficult fouling. Gunzilla can be used on all metals and metal finishes including stainless, aluminum, chrome, brass and steel.

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